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Lock snapping is the name given to the most common method of burglary. It is quick, soundless and does not require much skill. Ultion is a lock designed to prevent this and to protect you and your home. It is designed snap protected, and the moment that Ultion identifies an attack, it activates an attack lock directly into the central cam, this is referred to as the ‘Lock Down Mode.’

With 11 unique pins providing 290,000 different key combinations, customers who purchase the ULTimate lock have comfort in knowing that they have secured their home with the lock that has passed every security test in the book.

Providing customers in the Dunbartonshire area with a reliable, quick and honest service, we can install this amazing protective device in a matter of minutes, and the results are second to none. 

If you would like any additional information regarding the Ultion locks, then please feel free to call 07827318363 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us via email.



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